Affiliate Program – marketing agency that attracts new visitors to websites through affiliate schemes;

Partner – webmaster (individual or legal person) who fulfils the terms of the, attracts new users, thereby promoting products of the Banzai partners program;

Users – customers of partner-companies who have registered through a partners link;

Earnings – certain funds received by the Partner as a commission from the profits of the Users he has attracted;

Profit - calculated as the sum of all the Users money spent, minus the amount of money earned.

Payment – accrual of the Partner's earnings from the internal account of the Affiliate Program to an external payment system;

Reporting Period – a certain period of time during which the funds received by the Partner become available for withdrawal to external payment systems;

Promotional Materials – a set of tools serving to promote the products of on the Internet.

Partnership Agreement

1. Partner undertakes to read and accept the terms of the Affiliate Program before using it.

2. The terms of the Affiliate Program may be amended and Partner will be notified by e-mail.

3. Only customers aged 18 years and over can join and comply with the terms of the Affiliate Program.

4. All responsibility for the security of personal data, its retention, including username and password, lies with the Partner. Banzai partners is not responsible for the loss of personal data.

5. Affiliate Program may refuse to cooperate with one or another Partner and the Banzai partners are not obliged to explain the reason for such refusal.

6. Banzai Partners Program has the right to make any changes to the Rules. The Rules shall be deemed to be those that are currently published on the Affiliate Program website; It is not possible to trace the chronology of changes. In case of any changes to the Affiliate Program terms and conditions, Partners will be notified of such changes by the e-mail address indicated when registering as a Partner.

7. Partners of the Affiliate Program are provided with graphic advertising materials, there is no text accompaniment. Partners are allowed to use the information from the website in any variation.

8. Partners of Banzai Partners are not allowed to use email spam or motivated traffic as means of advertising. In case of such actions are detected, Partners personal account will be closed, all funds will be cancelled, commission payments will not be provided. It is also prohibited to use false information about the partner-companies of Banzai Partners and Bonuses.

9. The use of stacking cookies by the Partner is prohibited:

  • - opening the site in an iframe with zero size and also in an invisible zone;
  • - tagging, cookie-cutter scripts and other similar manipulations.

If these rules are not complied with by a Partner of the Affiliate Program, his/her personal account will be cancelled and blocked.

10. Affiliate Program is only available for one member, re-registration as a sub-affiliate is strictly prohibited.

11. It is forbidden for a Partner to register his/her own accounts with the partner-companies of Banzai Partners through their affiliate link and to collude with other Users.

Referral Fee

1. Partners earnings are not fixed. It depends on the income of the partner-companies of Banzai Partners, received from those Users, who registered through Partners link. Commissions, bonuses, total turnover of funds attracted by the User do not affect on Partners earnings from 25% of net profit of the Banzai Partners partner-companies, made by the Users of the Partner.

The partner-companies of Banzai Partners reserve the right to unilaterally revise the terms of the partnership agreement without notice.

2. In case a Partner during 1 (one) calendar month did not attract New user activities for the amount of 50 usd and there were less than 3 (three) New actions, the Company has a right to change the conditions of cooperation including the reduction of the commission for a Partner to 10%. If a Partner has not attracted new user with activities for the amount of 50 usd a month and the amount of new actions is less than 3 (three) during 3 (three) calendar months after the appropriate notification of a manager, the Company has a right to change the terms of cooperation including reduction of the commission to 0% or suspension of a Partner account in the Affiliate Program.

Partners active promotion of the Company brands can be a reason to improve the terms of cooperation, in particular, to increase the amount of commission. Partner will be notified by e-mail provided in the Partners account. In cases where partner-companies of Banzai Partners have questions about the quality of the traffic attracted by the Partner, Affiliate Program reserves the right to suspend the payment of the Partners commission to check the quality of the traffic and find out the reasons.

Affiliate program also reserves the right not to pay commissions to Partners in cases where low-quality traffic is detected (forging, multi-accounting, spam, motivated traffic etc.).

Banzai Partners program has the right to request the Partners data for identification purposes, including data on payment methods, personal information and other information at the discretion of the Banzai Partners partner-companies.

Payment of Commission

Partners can receive commission funds automatically on their request to his/her external wallet or payment system, but only if these funds exceed the minimum for payment of 50 usd and has at least 5 first deposits to make a request for the first payment. Negative balance of the Partner is not deducted when the next calendar month comes.

In some cases, Partner may be requested to provide proof of identity before withdrawing funds. Partner undertakes that the content of his advertising material:

  • - is based on facts and does not contain any knowingly false information;
  • - is not indecent or offensive and is not against the law;
  • - is posted using legal means and does not constitute a form of spam. Banzai Partners may verify the sources of the traffic and, based on the results of the verification, deny the payment of profits (if the traffic was obtained by prohibited methods).

The Procedure for Resolving Disputed Situations

Partners of the Banzai Partners Program can dispute any situations, as the Affiliate Program considers all disputable points if concrete information - facts and arguments are provided. They have to be submitted in a letter to the email of the Affiliate Program support service. Within 14 days from the moment of receiving a letter of complaint or request, it will be considered and a Partner will receive a notification about the result of consideration in a reply letter. It is forbidden to use obscene language, insults of any kind and false data in the text of the letter.

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